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  90 degree flat handle
  90 Degree Reverse Handle
  90 Degree Feet Forward Handle
  180 degree shoulder flat handle
  180 degree double foot handle
  360 degree round head handle
  Single-legged handle
  Other Handles
  Add:the town of Ruanshi Fucun, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province
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About us
銆€銆€Zhuji city bochen Pioneer Metals Corporation is a professional production of various kinds of metal ball valve handle and cold stamping manufacturing enterprises, formerly known as Zhuji city bochen stainless steel products factory, founded in June 2011, the site in Zhejiang city of Zhuji province Jieting Town, renamed in September 2014 in Zhuji city Bochen Metal Co. Ltd., ruanshi town Fu Village moved to Zhuji city in July 2015. The company has more than 40 employees, with all kinds of punching machine, instrument lathe, automatic precision grinding machine, wire cutting machine, dipping machine, tapping machine, automatic cutting machines and other precision equipment more than 70 taiwan. Production of ball valve handle series, complete specifications, excellent quality, the annual capacity of up to 100 million. The company has excellent independent design, production capacity, has been in the field of metal cold stamping for nearly ten years, has accumulated rich experience in production and quality management.
銆€銆€Company has been committed to build product quality, cost, service three core competitiveness, the development of sound, willing to go all out and customers work together to share the cost of the era of low profit pressure.
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