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  90 degree flat handle
  90 Degree Reverse Handle
  90 Degree Feet Forward Handle
  180 degree shoulder flat handle
  180 degree double foot handle
  360 degree round head handle
  Single-legged handle
  Other Handles
  Add:the town of Ruanshi Fucun, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province
Cell phone:018258586560 Mr Si
Micro channel:308189958
Bochen Corporate culture
Core values:simple and friendly and wise up
Quality declaration:follow the operating standard on every procedure to create the legendary quality
Five S declaration:only a clean factory to produce qualified products
Declaration of safety:no harm to others, not to hurt others
Management five steps:Rules for the implementation of the evaluation and improvement of innovation
Work style:with continuous improvement initiative to bear responsibility to perform effectively
Core competencies:quality, cost, and speed (service)
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